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About Me

I have truly been a tech geek since 1984 - evolving each time Microsoft Windows changed and growing with the new technologies of cell phones (are they even used to make calls anymore) to tablets to PipBoys!  3D printing was a natural progression that I was drawn to after seeing a demonstration at the NYS Fair in 2013.

Years later with 9 printers in my collection and numerous hours of printing under my belt with ABS and biodegradable PLA filaments, I have expanded to printing with other materials such as flexible, stainless steel, carbon fiber, wood-filled, PETG, and nylon.  

I live in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY with my grandson and my puppy, and all my family is nearby. 

About 3D Printing

What is 3D printing anyway?  It is hard to grasp when you haven't seen it. 

Think of it like a spool of fishing line that is pushed through a steel nozzle that is heated up to 450 degrees F to melt the line as the nozzle moves around a glass plate laying this melted line down layer by layer.  The end result is a 3D printed object!

What is 3D printing used for?  Anything and everything!

One of the best uses is prototyping an object before having it molded or CNCd or created by some other means.  3D printing is the cheapest route to take an idea from paper to a real object before paying tens of thousands of dollars to have it injection molded. 

It is also great for creating replacement parts, toys, gadgets, assistive devices, inventions, decorations, jewelry, and so on.  Take a look at our Gallery of items as well as browsing Thingiverse for ideas.  If it's on there, we can build it!